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Ninja Legend v14.0 Mod APK (unlimited money)

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Be a ninja to go through many lovely and challenging journeys.

During your journey, of course you will meet many enemies and obstacles to prevent you to go to your destination. Elephant, sword man, gun man, hammer man, bomb man, jumping dragon, falling ball of fire are some of them that really want to stop you and try to hurt you during your running.

Your mission is to fight them back, or just run as fast as possible as long as your blood does not turn to zero when you come home.

You have dart to throw the enemy and if you are lucky you can have bomb to throw to explode all the enemies during your way. Some of the enemies can have a lot of blood and it would be wise if you could you bomb to kill them, with just 2 bombs you can kill all things, otherwise you have to throw a lot of darts. You can also have some more special items when you kill the enemies or hit the "?" block. They are heart item that can recover your blood or shield item that can protect you for 15 seconds.

Great graphics and the way of playing somehow like the game Mario, and partly sense of Ninja and somethings related to gun game.
Many level for you to play. Again all levels are divided into board, which there are 3 board with 135 levels for you to play. New level and new character and new way of playing will be add in the future.

Sound for game is from the following websites:

Have fun.

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