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Supernatural Nightlife Lovers v3.1.9 Mod APK (unlimited money)

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When a big-shot gangster shows up at your family restaurant to collect a debt, you're forced to moonlight at an underground club to pay it all back. Little did you know you'd be working in a neon sanctuary for supernatural beings looking to escape their human lives. While learning the ropes, you meet a salacious pure-blood vampire who's been a regular for over 200 years, butt heads with a grumpy Lycan manager, and help steer a street-smart dhampir ruffian toward his dream career as an aspiring chef. Can you settle into your freakishly new normal or will your heroic plan go bust?


Miles — The Savvy Vampire

Investment banker by day, vampire lothario by night, Miles loves coming to the club to escape his mundane nine-to-five. As a high-class vampire, he's a bit of a controversial figure for not establishing his own brood and taking a life mate. It seems the nightlife is his undying mistress…

Wes — The Gruff Werewolf

A retired private detective, this grumpy club manager is plotting his revenge against the Don while working hard to keep his profits afloat. Although he rarely smiles, he enjoys showing you the ropes… Just be careful not to get on his bad side.

Chet – The Mobster Dhampir

A reckless bad boy and henchman of the Don, this wise guy has big aspirations of becoming a made man in the kitchen. Chet longs to be a chef but sees no way out of the organization—that is, until he meets you. Can you look past his attitude and help him whip up an escape plan?

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