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PivotGames. Inc. v19 Mod APK (unlimited money)

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Put on your chef's hat and apron!
Because it's time to meet the clever and talented furry friends in "Cooking Cats"! ‍

Welcome to a world where cats do more than just nap; they knead dough, flip burgers, and run the most adorable eateries in cities around the globe.
From the urban vibe of New York to the perfection of Paris, your cat companions are ready to provide excellent service!

️ A Feast of Flavors - Travel from city to city opening top-notch eateries and commanding your cat staff.
As the sun rises, your kitchen will be filled with the clinking of dishes and the aroma of fresh coffee.
Whether it's an Americano or a Capuccino, your whiskered staff has it all ready!

A Carnival of Fun - Flip pancakes with the fine skill of a cat, stuff hotdogs, and toss pizzas that make patrons crave more.
As your reputation grows, so will your restaurant. Bigger kitchens, more tables, and a menu that keeps customers coming back for more.

Dress to Impress - Ever seen a cat in a chef's hat? You're about to! Dress your cat staff in fashionable outfits.
Who says cats can't make the catwalk proud?

The Perfect Masterpiece - Achieve culinary greatness and obtain the ultimate Cat-alogue of snapshots capturing your tail-wagging chef cats at their finest.
With each achievement, collect memorable snapshots and GIFs of your cat friends' most remarkable antics and kitchen catastrophes.
It's more than cooking; it's a gallery of greatness adorned with feline dignity!

Are you ready to join this adventure and meet the cats in the kitchen? "Cooking Cats" isn't just a game; it's the pinnacle of cat-ertainment!

For Furry Warriors - If you love cats, cooking, or just having fun, this game is for you.
No Wi-Fi? No problem! Enjoy the offline game and have fun with cats without any trouble.

Download "Cooking Cats" now and start the culinary pranks! It's not just the oven that's hot, but your heart will warm up too.
Play now to truly transform your moments into something amazing!

See you at the grand opening of the next popular spot.
Where the cats rule the kitchen and the taste buds reach their peak. The cooking adventure begins!

Need assistance? Email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help!
Privacy Policy: http://www.pivotgames.net/conf/Privacy_Agreement-En.html
Terms of Service: http://www.pivotgames.net/conf/Terms_of_Service-En.html

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  • [Explanation] Monthly use it arbitrarily

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