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Bullet Brawl: Alien Battlelands Shootout v1.0.4 Mod APK (unlimited money)

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    Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)

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Bullet Brawl: Alien Battlelands Shootout is one of the best action shooter games. In a world full of zombies, the infection has spread and it seems unstoppable. Every city is infested with the undead, but you will not give up until they clear every zombie menace. Use an arsenal of guns, explosives, traps and vehicles to destroy the zombie hordes in short and engaging levels. Upgrade your weapons to be more powerful.

Aliens invaded the earth and almost all cities were captured. Countless humans were infected into aliens and undead zombies. They had no emotions, only the desire of killing.
Survival defense forces and other survivors retreated to the last surviving stronghold. How long can they resist the alien invasion?
Now it is time to defend the earth. Life and death, with family and friends behind you, you can't retreat, take up weapons and aim in battlelands!

Action Shooting Games
·3 exciting game modes: alien invasion, survival battlelands and online multiplayer PVP mode.
·Up to 100 zombies can appear on your screen at the same time. Survive from the undead!
·The new multiplayer shooting PVP mode, survive with other player in the battlelands!
·Huge arsenal, weapons for you such as conventional rifles to alien plasma guns.
·Abundant auxiliary items, including grenades, drones, armor and medical kits
·Smooth control gives you a fighting in real interstellar battlelands.
·Professional sound team creates immersive background sound effects.
·The best optimization allows the alien shooting games to run smoothly on various devices.

Doomsday Survival Manual
·Get more firepower and more bullets and upgrade your weapons.
·Move faster to avoid being attacked by zombies and aliens on the battlelands.
·Upgrade your armor in time to live longer on the battlelands.
·Hidden scenarios will enable you to obtain more powerful alien technology weapons.
·Join the global multiplayer survival shooting game PVP, where many resources can help you grow quickly.
·Heavy weapons such as grenades and machine guns can effectively deal with the zombie waves.

If you are a big fan of zombie and alien shooting games, don't not miss our fun zombie shooting games!
A lot of shooting, a lot of excitement, there are other survivors around the world fighting side by side, here you can experience the real zombie battlelands alien invasion war. Get ready to eliminate all alien invaders and save the last human beings.

One of the best free action games, there is in-game merchandise for you to purchase. You will love zombie alien shooting games!


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  • One of the best action shooting games

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  • V 1.0.4 Mod APK Download

  • V 1.0.3 Origianal APK Download

    10/30/2020 -Bullet Brawl: Alien Battlelands Shootout Origianal APK Download

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