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The "PicMapToGo" program is a mobile and independent offshoot of "PictureMap", the software for site documentation, with a wide range of possible uses. The special thing about it is that all data can be located very easily on floor plans and a large amount of information can be assigned without a keyboard. Setting text and voice messages is also easy. Further functions, such as a ticket system, with which defects and tasks can be distributed, processed and cleared across devices in real time, are in planning (you are welcome to contribute your own ideas here).

The app contains all the essential functions to be able to carry out extensive documentation on site. Operation is absolutely simple and intuitive on a mobile phone despite the tight space available. Almost everything can be done as usual using drag & drop. At the push of a button, the recorded data is loaded into the project on the server so that it can be further processed in "PictureMap".

Many functions, such as the creation or splitting of projects, the construction diary, with automatic weather query, the generation of Word or Excel documents (also of floor plan sections), as well as a more extensive task and defect management, are only possible in connection with "PictureMap “The version for the PC is possible. A module can also be activated in PictureMap, with which projects created in PictureMap can be easily downloaded to the mobile phone via W-LAN or USB connection and changes can be pushed back into the PictureMap project at the push of a button or via USB connection.

The use of colors, transparency and symbols makes essential information visible at first glance. Right from the start, the focus of development is on simple and efficient usability. Everything that can be automated will be automated.

The next step is the development of a defect and task management. In addition to the management of tasks and deficiencies, it should be possible to distribute to those involved and edit them via the app in real time (ticket principle).

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