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貓咪大戰爭 v10.7.0 Mod APK (Unlimited money/Infinite)

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    Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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The disgusting and cute cats are rampant all over the country!
Anyone can easily learn the cat raising game.
Free & free registration to play right away! Meow~
*There are some charged items in the game
★Super simple and combat system
Form your favorite cat team to fight~
You can also launch the cat cannon to attack the opponent's castle! !
★Super simple and development system
Pass the level to get experience points~
After raising your cat character level to 10, you can change jobs! !
★Super simple・Cat war
Exquisite treasures everywhere ~ the characters are strange and special ~
The super-character kitty army・EX characters are even more disgusting! !

People who are not good at games can easily get started! !
The "Cat War" that men, women and children will fall in love with☆
What kind of cat can you breed? !
From now on, let's lead the disgusting and cute cat army together! !

※When you install or update the app, a notification of "download large apps" will appear.
 If you cannot use Wi-Fi connection, please uncheck "Only download via Wi-Fi" and then click Continue.
 If it is checked, it will not install or update normally.

Presented by PONOS

Mod info

  • Modify the money in the game is infinite!
    This is the official traditional Chinese version!
    For the first time, please turn on the network download data. It is best to run in the Internet, otherwise it may be Ban!
    [Note] If the card is added, please use Use VPN to enter the game!

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